E-Backup Solutions

Backing up data is one of the most important tasks of any IT team and is constantly evolving with technology. The reliance on computer data has changed over the last twenty years. Almost every business is reliant on computers and the internet. The consequences of poor backup practices can be catastrophic and result in data loss, long recovery times, corrupted data and the potential for cybersecurity breaches, All of this is considered part of this website’s considerations. This site aims to provide valuable information about backing up data from the perspective of people that have first-hand experience of backup problems and solutions.

This website provides the following information that will assist people with their backup issues:

  • The latest trends in backup solutions – This is particularly relevant as the transition is made to cloud and other types of virtual storage
  • Traditional advice about backing up data and how each type of back up can be incorporated into the IT practices of a business. For example, when is it appropriate to use a full as opposed to a

differential or incremental.

  • Scheduling issues – How can different type of backups be incorporated into the schedule of a business.
  • Common troubleshooting and solutions to backup problems
  • Cybersecurity and risks of data loss during recovery
  • Legal and administrative issues

On of the best things about working in the backup data industry is the changes and evolution of technology that are constant. The rate of change sometimes feels overwhelming but most people in the industry believe strongly in the sharing of knowledge and collaboration. There is no room for arrogance and closing the door to sharing in this industry. The rate of change means that it is a constant challenge to keep on top of the flow of information. Even companies that choose specific niches are still challenged by the evolution of technology.

Why did the team of people at E-backup solutions choose this industry? The backup industry is on verge of huge technological changes and it is an exciting time to be working in this industry. Some of the most exciting trends that keep the team interested include the following;

  • Virtual and Cloud storage – this does not need mentioning and the implications of virtual and cloud storage continue to impact on all web users and not just people working in the IT industry.
  • Recovery times – this is an ongoing area of interest. Technology will become more widespread and improve but will this reduce recovery times?
  • Deduplication – huge amounts of data continue to put strains on systems and scheduling becomes more difficult as a result. It is possible to backup hardware continuously, but most companies are seeing the advantages of reducing the amount of data.
  • Automated storage tiering – this recent trend means that data is transferred to different disks according to performance and capacity needs. Most data is stored on slower and bigger disks whilst the most active data is placed on high-performance drives such as flash SSD.
  • Zone-level deduplication – the new players on the market are convinced that this niche market has plenty to offer consumers. Zone level deduplication shows objects of data with similarities to other objects. It uses content-aware and generic deduplication, which increases the likelihood that redundant files can be found and disposed of.

Backing up data can contribute to the security and effective function of businesses everywhere. The corrupt files and missing tapes are slightly fewer than the earlier days but the risks are always still present. This website is well aware of the problems that backing up data faces. This website has a comprehensive amount of information which will assist all those wanting safe storage and recovery. All readers have the opportunity to find backup information that can improve the efficiency of their IT systems on this website.